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"You and I, as citizens, have the obligation to shape the debates of our time, not only with the votes we cast, but the voices we lift in defense of our most ancient values and enduring ideas."- Barack Obama

Mission & Approach

Did you know there are 8 formats in debate?

16 Speech Events?

How many does your league participate in?

The goal of the DC Urban Debate League is to provide speech and debate opportunities to all students in the DC Metro Area regardless of socio-economic, or racial background. To do this, we need your help.

We believe firmly that debate options should be available for all students. Numerous studies demonstrate that debate offers the greatest benefits to students who are struggling in achievement levels and are not on track to attend college or even graduate. Debate in Washington, D.C., of all places in the country, has the potential to be broad-based and exciting, and we shall rely on the support of administrators, parents and educators to achieve our strategic goals. There should be more options for debate, and we provide them for each student.

What sets us apart from other Urban Debate Leagues? 

We are offering Public Forum Debate and hold tournaments while providing coaching to students in the area


Donors like you keep participation in all of our tournaments at a low cost, buys food and trophies for our students, allows them to travel to Florida, California, Alabama, New York, YALE, UPENN, Duke, HARVARD, and supports the Summer Debate Institute. 

Our debaters experience speech and debate in order to break barriers and exceed expectations to enter competitive colleges and 4-year Universities. 


DCUDL implements a travel team that provides students from schools without formal debate programs the opportunity to attend tournaments on the national debate circuit.  But now everything is online, so we are raising the bar by competing in more tournaments than ever!

Thank you!

Our Schools

Now that we have hosted many online & hybrid tournaments, our schools have grown!




Late Drops $10

School membership $350 for the entire year and $20 per student after for all tournaments or $25/tournament with no membership.

If your school or team is unable to afford the cost of the tournament, please email or call to find out more.

Students can form their own micro teams of at least 2 students per division and you can create your own names for your team, but if you have a coach, be sure to let them know you are forming an Independent team.  Teams are all subject to $350 Membership. Or $20 per tournament.

 New Schools get briefs and coaching help!

Oxon Hill High School


Sojourner Truth Montessori DC

Holy Trinity School

Accokeek Academy

Sidwell Friends School

BC Academy

The Potomac School

Davidson Academy Online

Tower Hill School

Golden State Academy 

St. Mary's Ryken High School

Region needs more debate

Public Forum
is the #1

Debate format in the world.
Does your school participate at all?


We are recruiting volunteers for coaching and judging. Contact us for more information:



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