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Debate Topics for 2023

The DC Urban Debate League follows the National Speech and Debate League topic choices for Public Forum Debate.

2023 April –& May: Technology

Resolved: The United States Federal Government should ban the collection of personal data through biometric recognition technology.

2023 National Tournament – Topic Area: Civics

Resolved: The United States should adopt ranked-choice voting for its federal elections.

Congressional Debate:

Stay Tuned!


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Upcoming Tournaments


May 13- Online Sign up

June 24- Online Sign Up


Pick Your Online class

What are the benefits?

Children at School

Beginner Public Forum

Online Sessions 
$35 Each

Monday 5pm-6pm

Tuesday 5pm-6pm

5th-6th grade Novice Public Forum


Communication Skills

You will learn how to articulate your constructive ideas to develop cogent arguments.


Intermediate Public Forum

Online Sessions 
$35 Each

Mondays 6pm-7pm

Wednesdays 7pm-8pm

7th-11th grade Public Forum

And Year 2 Debaters who have done the program before

Reading Aloud in Classroom

Critical Thinking Skills

You will be able to analyze multiple topics that will challenge you to think about everything from every angle.


Advanced Public Forum

Online Sessions 
$35 Each

Thursdays 7pm-8pm

10th-12th grade Public Forum

And Year 3 Debaters who have done the program before



You will be expected to speak up, stand strong and work with others to achieve victories.  Personal growth and teamwork also make you a better student.

debate Kids = Happy Parents

"My son used to be very quiet in school, after a season in debate, he has been able to build the confidence to speak up and feel better about bringing new ideas to the table"

Bobby's Mom

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