Partners & Donors

Capitol Hill Presbyterian Church

The CHPC community is diverse and all are welcome to our services and events. We are a congregation of all ages and backgrounds representing people in many places along their journey of faith. What unites us is our desire to be in community with one another, giving of ourselves to a common purpose of worshiping God and serving God’s people.

Current Home of the Summer Debate Institute

St.  Mark's Episcopal Church @ Cap Hill

“St. Mark’s is an open community, welcoming people wherever they are on their faith journey. We celebrate the gifts of God that empower us to engage boldly in the struggles of life and to care for others with love, justice, and compassion.”

the Truman Center

The Truman Center Hosted our 2019 summer camp! 
Now more than ever, America needs a clearly defined and articulated vision of our role in a changing world. Truman’s community of post 9/11 veterans, frontline civilians, and policy practitioners have come together to put forward a shared vision of how to utilize all of America’s unique hard and soft power capabilities to lead towards a safer, more prosperous world. 


Major Donor

The BP Foundation was granted charitable status in 1953 and is
recognized as a U.S. 501(c)(3) tax exempt private foundation based in the United States. Since 1953, the BP Foundation has provided hundreds of millions of dollars in global philanthropic support.


Potomac Law is committed to innovation, excellence, and professionalism.  Our value stems directly from the talent and commitment of our attorneys who practice law throughout the United States.  Our attorneys have outstanding academic credentials and impressive professional experience, with an average of fifteen years at top national firms and/or in-house at major corporations.  Clients recognize our attorneys’ skills and creative strategies, as well as their common sense and practical solutions.

Julian Dotson

Veteran Debate Coach 18 Years