Coronavirus Update May 15

Hello everyone, SHARE WITH EVERYONE!
In the near future, it seems like there will be no in-person debate tournaments.  This means we are moving to online tournaments.  All judges are being asked to contact me to get instructions. Coaches, judges, parents and older siblings/debaters in higher divisions can opt for a paid stipend or volunteer their time. (students will get volunteer hours for community service)

Online dates are 

June 6

July 18

Times are 10am-4pm

Students will still be scored on tabroom, judges will use tabroom online to submit scores & feedback.  There will be 4 rounds for each tournament. 
Students must meet ONLINE with a partner and Links will be given to video conference and judges will use the video conference link, which will be the classroom.  Links have video ID's which will be used on tabroom to coordinate where teams will go.  


Fee for the tournament is $20/student which covers judge stipends & tournament directors and tab stipends



PLEASE SHARE WITH All interested debaters!


These tournaments are NOT School team tournaments, which means every team is a unique pair or group of students.  Teams (PAIRS) will be registered individually, so that means if Tim & Ralph go to Tech Middle School, they will register under their own team name "Freezers" or something.  And if Nancy & George are from Tech Middle School, they can have their own team name "PF Tribe".  If they want to form their own unit, all 4 can be on team "Freezers".  I will create these teams in tabroom so they can have a little fun during this time of crisis.


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